If you work in an interim agency, if you are a self-entrepreneur, or if you are on a fixed-term contract, you correspond to the typical clientele of a startup that has recently started working in the credit field. It may sound strange, but Spin Lender, a subsidiary of Across Lender, targets a type of clientele that the banks do not trust. See websitepromotioner.com for an example Learn more at http://www.516508.net/100-guaranteed-loan-approval-get-a-guaranteed-bad-credit-loan-approval/

Characteristics of the Spin Lender payday loan:

Its amount cannot be lower than 1,500 USD nor higher than 21,500 USD. The reimbursement is made by monthly reimbursement on fixed dates, it will be between 180 and 840 USD. Over a period of one to seven years, depending on the amount borrowed. Funds can be released within 48 hours.

Loan insurance is optional, if you opt for borrower insurance.

At Spin Lender, everything is done online:

The simulation: It is available on the home page of the site. It is necessary to select using two sliders the amount requested and that of the monthly repayment desired. It is therefore possible to do as many tests as you want, until you get the ideal financing according to your budget and your needs.

You will have direct access to several reimbursement solutions with different durations and sums.

If one of the offers suits you, you will then be redirected to a dialog box (a robot called Chatbot). Who will direct you as you go. And will ask you all the questions necessary for mounting the file, that is, civility, financial situation, current credit, personal contact details, etc.

Of course you will have a withdrawal period of 14 days from the signing of the loan.

Our opinion and advise:

Spin Lender’s payday loan seems interesting to us in more than one way. The way of proceeding of this young company interests us and challenges us. If you ask them for consumer credit, please leave us your impressions and your opinion in the space reserved for comments.

Spin Lender was voted fintech of the year by France Innovation. In addition the national press and the regional press are not stingy with compliments towards this society. They point out that it can grant loans to people used to being refused their requests by traditional banks and credit organizations.